Cheese & Chocolate Bun

April 5, 2016

Cheese & Chocolate Bun

Ingredients :

1000    gram   Bread flour

200      gram    Sugar

16        gram    Instant yeast

5          gram    Bread improver

15        gram    Full cream milk powder

100      gram    Egg

18      gram   Salt

375-450  gram Ice water

175      gram    Butter

1000    gram    Tulip Dark Chocolate Filling

 No Time Dough Method :

  • Mix flour, sugar, milk powder, improver, yeast, eggs then salt and water. Using low speed for 3 minutes and then high speed for 4 minutes.
  • Put in butter; mix with low speed for 3 minutes, then about 5 minutes in high speed, until the dough thin and elastic.
  • Rest about 5 minutes and divide the dough, fill with Tulip Dark Chocolate Filling
  • Let it rest and fully extended, pour the crumble and topping
  • Bake for 15 minutes 180o C


Crumble :

150     gram    Caster sugar

225     gram     Margarine

400     gram    Cake flour

100     gram    Ground almond

  • Beat themargarinewith sugaruntil well blended
  • Add toita lowproteinflour, almondpowder, andstiruntil well blended, leave it inthe fridgetoharden
  • kneadby handuntil thecrumbleresemblesgrains of sand, readytouse


 Cream Cheese Topping :

225    gram      Margarine

250    gram      Caster sugar

600    gram      Cream cheese

  • Beat themargarinewith sugaruntil well blended
  • Add toitcream cheeseandstiruntil blended, readytouse.