Training Pastry Master

August 14, 2015

Working with chocolate requires knowledge as well as experience which should be continuously sharpened. The academic pathway is one way to learn the skills of chocolate processing and various pastry products. Formal education which provides intensive methods and workshops in a certain period of time is expected to pass graduates who are ready to work and indisputably skillful.

In this fourth issue, Tulip Chocolate Magazine would like to share information concerning distinguished Pastry Chefs in the world as well as favorite schools desired by youngsters and professionals to enrich their knowledge. The schools reported here are not only the ones in Indonesia but also those which are located in the centre of world best pastry, France.

Getting degree in form of a certificate is not a guarantee of success. The process and obstacles needed to form characters both in theoretical and practice classes under the guidance of the great mentors reveal as essential points which enable someone to prove his quality in the real work world.




Title :
Training Pastry Master

Edition : #4